Are you looking for an affordable shade solution where you can leave the confinement of your home and bask comfortably around the sun? If yes, consider a shade sail from SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED- it goes a long way. Among the many different shade products available, shade sails are the most popular in KENYA. But before we know the benefits of shade sails, let us first understand why one should use shade sail.

Why should You use Shade Sails?

Shade sails are the best solution for blocking the harmful UV rays of the sun. They allow you to relish outdoors, especially during the months of hot summer. 

Even though shade sails have been used for decades, they remain the most popular shades among the homeowners. Do you know why? Because many folks are aware of the benefits they come with.

Below are some of the main reasons why shade sail should be a must-have property in your home;

  1. Shade Sail is good in providing ventilation.

Installing a shade sail in your home provides extra cooling and ventilation, especially if you live in a hot and humid area. When appropriately and strategically installed, shade sails keep the sun from getting inside your house directly, thus keeping the harmful sun rays at bay.

Besides the fact that most of them are made of semi-permeable fabric, they enable circulation of cool air inside-out, thus lowering the covered area temperature by almost 10 degrees.

  1. As Shade Sails are Made of Recyclable Material it Would be Beneficial to the Environment

Most shade sails are made of recyclable materials. The materials lessen the need for new materials during their production. This helps a lot in recycling materials like; glass, timber, plastic, and any other materials used in the construction of housing or building extensions- thanks to shade sails.

For sustainable living, nowadays many options are available of recyclable materials for you to use in different elements of house.

  1. Shade Sails are Versatile Structures

Shade sails are used to cover the outdoor space and come in various shapes, colors, and sizes. This means that you can make your best choice when purchasing a shade sail to improve your outdoor space’s aesthetic value.

  1. Installation of Shade Sail is Easy

The other good thing about shade sails is that they are effortless to set up, they can be installed anywhere.

Shade sails also make beautiful extensions that are removable and installed with a lot of ease, unlike some other structures, which take weeks to set up and challenging to be taken down.

  1. Shade Sail Improves the Aesthetic Value of Your Home

Shade sails complement artistry in commercial buildings and residential homes. They give an eye-catching look to your home, adding a plus to your houses’ aesthetic value.

They come in various sizes and colors, which allow you to select one that compliments your house’s architecture. Their cheap cost also adds to their demand as an affordable way to beautify your home.

  1. Shade Sail Provides Protection From Different Elements

However, it can be handy with shade sails in your home as you can enjoy outdoor activities without exposing yourself directly to the sun. Also, you can be protected from slight rains and drizzles.

Therefore, choosing shade sail amongst other shades is the best decision if you live in an area with frequent strong winds and storms.