Shade sails are used in both residential and commercial spaces. Like the homeowners here in KENYA, restaurant owners also love using shade sails from SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED on their outdoor spaces to provide protection to their customers while dining al fresco style. 

There are so many benefits a shade sail can provide a restaurant.

If your restaurant is becoming popular, you may notice that you constantly run out empty tables for new customers. So, you can consider using your outdoor area as an extension. With the help of shade sails, you will be able to offer more tables to walk-in customers with an alfresco setting. 

Using shade sail to have more space for dining in your restaurant is cost-efficient. You will never have to spend more money on renovations and extensions of your restaurant building. 

One of the most common reasons why restaurant owners use shade sails in their restaurants is to add aesthetic value to their shop. Shade sail, without a doubt, looks good in an outdoor setting, especially if it is installed strategically. 

You can choose one colour and shape throughout your restaurant. However, you can also be bold and mix and match colours and shapes for a more playful approach. 

It Can Match With Your Theme

If your restaurant has a theme, a shade sail from SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED is an excellent accessory you can make use of to match your theme. For instance, if you are operating a boho-themed or rustic-style restaurant, a shade sail can be an ideal addition to your outdoor decor. 

A shade sail is a very versatile outdoor shade. You can use it with every theme that you go for. It looks good on modern-minimalist design, but it can also rock on a shabby-chic style decors. What you only need to do is to choose the right shade and colour that you know will complement your theme well. 

Sometimes, it’s wonderful to eat outside, especially when the weather is nice. Customers can enjoy both cuisine and nature simultaneously. Installing shade sails on the patio will not only provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for clients searching for a unique eating experience, but it will also provide shade for those waiting for a table inside the restaurant.

Furthermore, if you intend to place shade sails on your restaurant’s rooftop, the setting will be ideal for fine-dining for couples. All you’ll need is some soothing music and the right lighting!