Window shade systems- Roller blinds amount to comfort, culture and cutback when you live in Africa. Being first ever used in Kenya, the window shades primarily cut the sunlight off to keep you cosy in a climate that predominantly has long, hot weather. In addition the shade systems cut down the cost of air conditioning up to 20% by keeping your interior cool and shield your furniture from fading in the glare of hot sun.

SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED is that unique brand name in the KENYA that encompasses beauty, quality, trend and affordability when you think of Awnings, roller blinds and window shade systems to create your own space.

With a stunning array of cutting-edge awnings, roller blinds and window shades, SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED redefines the light and shade to suit what defines your comfort.

From blinds to shutters, facade awnings to folding arm cassette awnings — not just that we have all the kinds of shading systems you need for a different shading and lighting treatment of your space, but of all ranges — of price, of colour, of size, of creativity.

We take pride in our unparalleled service of distribution and installation that spans over 5 years since we landed foot in Nairobi Kenya.

Your environment. You wish, we shape it. You dream, we carve it.

Vertical Transparent roller blinds enable optimum wind and rain protection with a panoramic view thanks to the top-quality PVC transparent film. With the top-quality transparent PVC film your view is unobstructed. Natural daylight lends a brighter and friendlier atmosphere to the recreational area and ensures increased comfort.

Diverse options are on offer to vary the look of the outdoor area.The extensive transparent standard version allows a maximum of daylight into the room and guarantees an unobstructed view to the outside. The transparent Cristal fabric, in combination with the perforated SOLTIS fabric, ensures translucent sun and privacy protection whilst at the same time providing a clear view to the outdoor area.

Hand in hand with the opaque RESISTANT fabric, shading, privacy and transparency are cleverly combined