Garden Glass Rooms

All year round weather protection with an almost frameless view of your garden- spend hours of enjoyment in your garden glass room and let a place filled with light and transparency work its magic on you. The various glass elements available in our glass rooms allow this fantastic ‘outdoor room’ to be as varied as your imagination.

SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED specialize in the supply and installation of custom built garden glass rooms and verandas to your exact requirement, size, colour and shape. From budget to luxury specifications we have a solution available.

A glass garden room should be ideally offering sheltered protection all year round yet remain fully interactive with the outdoors thanks to its innovative clear glass elements, doors and blinds.

This can be assisted with the fantastically clear glass elements which offer a spectacular panoramic view of your garden providing your room with a fresh, vibrant and natural feel. A garden glass room is the perfect way to fully enjoy a natural unobstructed view of your garden whilst enjoying the comfort of your home.

And to ensure that your view is always unobstructed when the front glazed panels are closed, we fit our garden glass rooms with frameless glass panel elements as standard. With no profiles needed to support them, the glass panels stand with edge to edge glass, allowing you to enjoy an uninterrupted panoramic view of your surroundings. When the weather warms up, simply slide the glass panels to one side and allow the natural fresh air inside.

The choice of fixed, sliding or bi-folding glass sides gives total flexibility to how you build your glass room with manual or electric blinds for the roof and sides also available.

Quick & Easy Glass Room Installation

Whether installed on a house, old or new, a garden glass room from SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED will become both an architectural highlight and a frequently used extension of your home. Unlike your average conservatory, the construction work required in a garden glass room installation is minimal meaning a faster installation time.

No foundation work is usually required and no alterations to your home are usually required either. Most of the time, you won’t even need to apply for planning permission!

For true protection from the very changeable Kenyan weather the garden glass room option is the most flexible. The combination of a glass roof with optional fabric blind systems to protect from the glare and heat of the sun and frame-less glass side elements for total control of air movement and protection from rain you will have a truly functional all year round outdoor room for entertaining or relaxing.