Offset patio umbrellas are a special variant of patio umbrellas where the base lies to one side of the umbrella rather than the middle. Due to this, offset patio umbrellas are also sometimes known as side post umbrellas.

These umbrellas are made of an aluminium base and frame which supports a shade cloth or acrylic fabric. Offset patio umbrellas are designed in a way to provide the maximum amount of shade.

Due to the side post arrangementoffset patio umrellas offer a lot of space underneath and appear very stylish and modern. They can rotate to change the angle of shade as the sun moves. This makes them an excellent choice for poolside decks, gardens and other outdoor areas.

Cantilever umbrellas and offset patio umbrellas are the two most common types of outdoor umbrellas. While offset patio umbrellas include a post to the side, cantilever umbrellas may or may not include a post. Both types of umbrellas can be rotated to change the angle of shade as the angle of the sun changes. If you need an outdoor umbrella with a base, offset patio umbrellas are a great choice. On the other hand, if you want to wall-mount your outdoor umbrella, go with a wall mounted cantilever umbrella.

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