Our team at SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED has been making privacy screens for decades and we take great pride in our work. Each privacy fence we make is custom made to fit your area perfectly and is made to last.


Our installers are builders by trade, so they will work with you to ensure that the functionality and design of your outdoor need lines up with your requirements.


Practical, versatile and stylish:- Pole to pole privacy screens are very versatile and can be used to give your driveway additional privacy and security.

Privacy Screen fence is a unique fencing idea for gardens/yards and perimeter walls while ensuring the privacy of the premises, but also adding a stylish effect to your outdoors.

There are so many great designs and style choices available to bring gorgeous and elegant design features to your home exterior. The options available to add fantasy and eye-catching appeal to your garden include simple design or intricate detailed fences for the space. 

Outdoor privacy is becoming more important for home owners. They can even serve as an extension of your fence, or any other specific area you on your compound.