Transform your outdoor space today with a glass veranda roof. Glass verandas are an easy and economical way to utilise your patio area whatever the weather. A glass veranda gives you a covered area with open sides, this protects you from the weather, without losing the delights of outdoor living. Our glass veranda systems are easy to install and maintain and will help you to enjoy your house and garden for many years to come. Make the most of your available space with a glass veranda, whether you want more room for entertaining, more room for the family, or just a cosy space to watch the night sky, a glass veranda will be the perfect choice for you. 

The eaves beam is also the gutter and rainwater drains out through the legs.

Speak to our team today about your glass veranda and patio needs and we can offer you a no-obligation quote.

NB: Expand your space and create another room for your restaurant or home where you can see the beauty of every season through the glass of your Sunroom.

The glass roof can be stationary or retractable. The Sunroom is a watertight system that can protect you from harsh weather.


Colour options are white or anthracite grey.

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