This type of shade structure usually features a metal frame and high-grade fabric cover that cleverly folds back into a cassette when it’s not in use – either manually via a crank handle or using a remote control that operates a small electric motor.

In these awnings, the arms fold and unfold horizontally rather than vertically, which means they don’t need posts to support it. This keeps the space underneath unobstructed so when the awning is retracted, the space is free of posts and other supportive structures.

If you don’t want to put the awning away when the wind picks up, look out for models that include special sensors that automatically retract the awning in windy conditions. The more sophisticated folding arm awnings also offer sun sensors, which means they automatically unfurl when the sun comes out.

The Awning can be made up to 7 metres wide with a 4-metre projection making it wholly suitable for shading large windows or sliding doors. This awning comes with an extensive range of customisable options including frame colours, lighting options, decorative finishes and Shadeplus valances. Furthermore, this awning comes with integrated water drainage to ensure the canopy or cassette never gets waterlogged.

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