The folding arm awning is a heavy-duty, small patio and window retractable awning. The design and operational use is unique and it is recognized for its vertical upward folding arms. This retractable is fully assembled (with the exception of installing the arms) and is available in a manual operation.

This awning is designed for the purpose of providing shade in areas that are typically too small for the larger retractable models that are offered.

Even though it is a retractable awning, their structure is similar to a fixed awning when fully extended. The framework includes a heavy-duty steel and aluminum white powder-coated frame and powder-coated aluminum hood. It retracts and expands with multi chambered, stainless steel, and dual-cabled lateral projection arms.

The fabric is constructed of Beauty-Mark brand 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabric. Each fabric includes resistant coatings to help:

  1. Prevent fading from the harsh UV sun rays
  2. Resist potential soil and mildew build-up
  3. Provide a water resistant barrier that allows for water runoff
  4. Offered in multiple solid and stripe fabric color.

Each retractable awning includes our standard style 10 inch valance that can be used all year round as well as removed and stored away until the next season. Installation simply requires mounting of the brackets followed by securing the awning into the brackets. The awning may be installed on many different surface types such as brick, stucco, wood, stone and many others. The mounting of the brackets is a quick step-by-step process when following our installation manual.