Custom, Permanent Car Shade Canopies

SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED offers permanent car sun shade structures for your VEHICLES. Some of our most popular designs include:

Square and Rectangle: Hip and pyramid structures offer plenty of coverage and clean lines. These shade structures are available with different numbers of columns or posts and various mounting designs, to help match your structure to your surroundings. These products can include a zinc-rich primer to protect against water and soap, and approved shade net materials are available.

Cantilever Structure: These structures are ideal for detailing bays and any area where you don’t want cars to have to drive through multiple posts. These structures offer maximum shade while keeping columns to a minimum and out of the way. You can combine the structures to create an entire “route” to move through.

Shade Sail: These unique triangular shade shapes offer visual interest as well as shade. You can even join or overlap sails to create a unique look while also letting more air into the shaded space.

Our shade structures have been integrated into countless commercial and residential properties, and we can develop custom solutions for your business as well.

Best Car Sunshades For 2022

The Car shade has a dual purpose: On warm days, keeping the interior of your parked-outside car cool so you don’t suffer when you get back in, and also protecting against the damaging effects of ultra-violet (UV) rays.

Also, we’ve all seen badly discolored, cracked and dried-up plastic dash pads. UV dries out auto interior materials, including leather, vinyl and other plastics, fabrics and carpets.

That’s aesthetic, but it also causes materials to evaporate and release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). A phenomenon known as “new car smell” is similar, in that, according to Chemical & Engineering News, it represents the off-gassing of VOCs from adhesives and sealants.