Working With SBF for Car Parking Shade Canopy Structures

SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED lets you create just about any parking shade design to be used for covered parking, auto dealerships, car lots, special events and just about any place where cars need a little shade. Every SBF parking lot canopy is designed to offer you many benefits. It keeps cars cooler and at more comfortable temperatures, which your clients or visitors are sure to appreciate. Also, installing a car parking shade structure can help you reduce liability by protecting cars on your lot or parking area from elements such as sun damage, hail and other elements. Not only does this keep your legal department happier, but it can also make your parking area a lot more attractive for customers.

Different Parking lot Shade Canopies for Different Needs

SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED is known for their high-quality products, custom solutions and durable materials. We are also innovators, coming up with many shade solutions for your needs:

Full cantilever parking lot shade structures. If you want single or double rows of cars to be covered with shade structures, this design can help. There is no need for perimeter columns, making it easier for drivers to get around.

 Joined four-post hip parking shade canopies. This is one of the most popular and budget-friendly designs created by SBF. The largest such structure can cover up to twenty vehicles.

Bow cantilever shades. This innovative design can be used with waterproof or mesh fabric and is highly flexible, letting you create the shade solution you need for your dealership, car wash or parking area.

Arch cantilever vehicle protection system shades. These have a sleek and attractive design while offering robust protection from the sun, hail and other elements.

Super span shades. When you need to cover a larger parking area or larger area, you can combine these shades to cover as much space as you need. 

When you want the best in parking shade and car shade, SBF is your solution. Contact us today to learn more!