Army tents are made of water-repellent canvas fabric and they are resistant, durable, compact, and easy to build & disassemble. Ideal for camping, summer camps, festivities, emergency situations, etc.

SPECIFICATIONS: The tent comes complete with:
1. PVC groundsheet and flysheet
2. Mosquito net on the windows
3. Two vents in the roof (optional). Has two zip-up doors with insect screens
4. Supplied including metal pins, metal bars, and mallet
5. Weight: Varies depending with the size of the tent

The Double-Roof safari tent/Canvas Tent/Camping Tent/Military Tent/Army Tent/Emergency Relief Tent is a heavy-duty canvas tent for camping. It is double roofed with a canvas inner tent and an outer flysheet made of PVC with a sewn-in PVC groundsheet stitched to the canvas and used as flooring.

It is a canvas family tent with optimized ventilation through the use of large meshed windows and naturally breathable poly-cotton canvas that prevents the build-up of condensation inside the tent. The extended flysheet together with the 1.7-metre long outer groundsheet provides ample room for a veranda. It can also be used as a Military/Army tent.

NB: A double roof Provides extra weather protection by creating an additional roof cover. The extended eave overhang protects windows against driving rain to allow you to open them for ventilation.

Recommended for extended duration setup of your Canvas Tent.

This 4 person canvas tent has a 2-metre extension at the back of the tent for a toilet and shower and takes 4 people approximately 30 minutes to set up. It can be termed as a luxurious to comfort level canvas tent.