The nylon dome tent is a compact, lightweight solution for camping accommodation. The design incorporates a double roof i.e. a nylon inner tent and flysheet both weatherproofed to protect the inner tent from rainwater. The frame consists of collapsible cross poles which are cord-linked for easy assembly and dismantling. The tent is perfect for backpacking and as hiking train tent.

It is portable and comes with a carrier bag and is very light-weight.

Ventilation is optimized through the use of meshed windows.

The tent takes 2 people approximately 10 minutes to set-up.


Camping helps you to create long lasting memories and connections. There are lots of exciting activities you can take part in as you enjoy nature in it’s purest. However, without the proper camping gear the experience might not be filled with gratification as envisioned. The Light Weight Dome Tent has been made to specifically cater for camping accommodation. It helps you get the most out of your camping experience.

Qualities of the tent;

The tent takes two people approximately 10 mins to set up. The frame consists of collapsible poles which are cord linked for easy assembly and dismantle. When you are out in the wild with the sun setting soon, you wouldn’t love to have a tent that requires hours of thoughts and attempts to set up.

The tent is strong and sturdy enough ensuring it stays firmly in one place. It is also made from quality Nylon material that does the job and serves you for a long period of time. Any camping gear you get needs to be able to stand the test of time, value for your money is what you get with us.

The Nylon material is lightweight and the tent comes with a carrier bag that makes it even easier to transport. The key to having a fun time camping is always in the gear. You want to avoid anything that is cumbersome to move around with and our  Nylon Dome Tent is not among those things.

Ventilation is optimized through the use of meshed windows. Ventilation is key when it comes to any structure that is meant to host life. Since a tent is limited on space you want one that will ensure proper circulation of air even as you sleep at night.

The design incorporates a double roof i.e., a nylon inner tent and flysheet to protect the inner tent. Since camping is an outdoors activity you never know when nature will choose to surprise you. You need to be prepared.

Camping comes with some level of independence that everyone needs. Being able to survive in the wild and do activities as simple as setting up a tent helps you depend less on other people. On the other hand, it also builds your team work abilities since camping mostly involves group activities. All in all, the ultimate camping essential is a tent and we got you.